Gut Flora Tea


The Gut flora herbal tisane is a replenishing formula to support the healthy function of the digestive tract and assist to reduce inflammation. The GUT FLORA Tea blend contains fermented leaves, a variety of antioxidants to mop up free radical damage + reduce inflammation, calm the nervous system and provide movement + motility through the digestive tract. A variety of loose leaf herbs, seeds + flowers made from certified organic ingredients.

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Naturopathically designed to boost your body with good bacteria by using natural probiotics, such as fermented tea leaves widely used in China for it’s gut protective and probiotic actions. Aged and fermented foods are well documented for their positive effects on digestion. The chocolatey Cocoa Shell’s supply a fantastic source of dietary fibre whilst the zesty Orange Peel helps to prevent constipation. Delicious, sweet Apple Pieces are a source of soluble fibre that may assist in slowing digestion, you may pick these out and consume them after steeping in boiling water. Plus, who doesn’t love the magic touch of Rose Petals?! This herbal combination aids digestion too, which is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. By maintaining a healthy gut flora its possible to prevent Urinary Tract Infections and promote detoxification of the body too. This fruity infusion is packed with antioxidants, so perfect as a daily health tea to implement into your self care routine.

Brewing Suggestion: Infuse one teaspoon of Gut flora Tea in a pot/infuser for 8-12 minutes.
Sip & relax. Add lemon to taste.

Ingredients: Ripe pu-erh* (Camellia taliensis) leaves, cocoa* (Theobroma cacao) shells, orange* (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis) peel, apple* (Malus domestica) fruit and rose* (Rosa centifolia) petals.

*Certified organic ingredients.



China, Peru, Albania, Kyrgyzstan + India.


♥ Contains caffeine.

Ripe pu-erh fermented tea leaves contain 60-70mg of caffeine per cup whilst a standard cup of coffee contains approximately 105mg. Cacoa tea is caffeine free however it contains a compound called Theobromine, which has been known to induce relaxation and boost mood but in high amounts is a Central Nervous system stimulant.

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25g apothecary jar, 25g travel jar, 120g apothecary jar, 180g apothecary jar


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