Hand Sanitizer 100ml


A beautifully lemony scented + gentle option for sanitizing your hands + daily objects regularly. It’s quick-drying, refreshingly scented, in simple pump dispenser and minimises stripping of healthy oils contained within the structure of your skin. Carry in your handbag, or in the car, or place in your space for family + friends to share.

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Free of harmful chemicals, the Jivana Natural Hand Sanitizer is fast-acting, protective, moisturising, quick drying with a powder dry finish.

Keep your family’s hands clean and safe from germs with a sanitiser with added natural ingredients, an easy to apply pump applicator, and the beautiful refreshing, citrusy scent of Lemon Myrtle.

The Jivana hand sanitiser is 70%+ ethanol alcohol-based and are laboratory tested to kill 99.9% of germs, without drying your skin. Apply the Jivana Organic Prebiotic hand cream after use to restore the natural flora.


Ingredients: Alcohol, purified water, glycerine, carbomer, lemon myrtle oil*, triethanolamine, tert-butanol, aloe vera* leaf juice powder. *Certified Organic Ingredients


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