Organic tea and beauty wholesale

Jivana offers wholesale business options to distributors, clinics and retail businesses. To discuss wholesale partnerships please contact us and we will endeavour to respond to you in a prompt and timely manner. We look forward to discussing options with you. Email gabrielle@jivana.com.au.

Signature Tea Blends to Elevate your Holistic Business

We’re a small and friendly wholesale tea supplier from Melbourne. Our journey started in South Melbourne in clinic with our naturopath and tea expert Gabrielle Besser creating personalised tea blends for her private clients to reverse their acute and chronic health conditions and support their overall wellbeing. We absolutely love bringing together health clubs, wellness cafes, clinics, retreats, spas, yoga, pilates & fitness studios, florists & gift shops, with wonderful tea experiences to elevate health.

What makes us special is that we customise our blends based on current scientific research, bioenergetics and naturopathic principles. Our utmost care is directed into sourcing pure, organic ingredients, eliminating and reverse the toxic burden our bodies are faced daily living in the modern world.

When you work with us, getting your tea is simple – no complex contracts or unnecessary fuss. We believe in keeping our promises and expecting the same from our partners, all while focusing on delivering amazing tea.

Together, we can create tea blends that are unique to you, reflecting your customers’ tastes, your location, and the feel of your place.

Our support goes beyond just tea. We’re here for ongoing staff training, help with designing your menu, and making sure your tea offerings match the seasons.

Fairness and openness guide how we do business. Our pricing is fair, and we’re dedicated to making sure you understand what you’re paying for.

When it comes to crafting special tea blends, we’ve got a wide range of ingredients and teas to choose from. With the help of our experienced tea expert and naturopath, you can design teas that are totally one-of-a-kind. Whether you want a specialised health tea, a twist on a classic like breakfast tea or something completely new, we’re excited to create teas that really fit your brand and style – let’s chat in person or online. Email our naturopath and tea expert Gabrielle at gabrielle@jivana.com.au.