pro•m•emo Calm Essence 20ml


The pro•m•emo essence Calm assists  you to process the primary emotion of Anger. The Calm essence also helps with process feelings of fury, toxicity, difficulties forgiving, vengefulness or just wanting to explode! Enjoy feeling calm!

Allow yourself to seamlessly let go of emotions through out the day, feel at ease, feel relaxed, and get out of that mood pronto!


These gorgeous essences allow you to move through your emotions with ease, feel them, experience them, and therefore don’t let them bottle up inside waiting for them to spill over or become explosive.

Drawing on the powerful healing properties of Chinese and Western herbal medicine, Homeopathy, Bach flower essences and Energy medicine, these synergistic essences are packaged into convenient little bottles to help you process your emotions where ever you are on the go.

Each pro•m•emo essence assists you to process your specific emotions based on the 5 primary emotions according to ancient Traditions Chinese medicine (TCM), stuck emotions that are not processed daily cause stagnation and can lead to physical symptoms. Each health condition has an emotional component. Support yourself naturally with gentle energy medicine essences. Take the burden off and relax.

Directions: 3-5 drops under the tongue or combined in a glass of water or your daily drink bottle, up to 4 times daily.


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