Vibrational Essences

Each day comes with new feelings. Sometimes they seem to be working in your favour; sometimes they hold you back. The weather, commitments, news and current affairs all take their toll on your daily life, which impacts your behaviour and attitude towards the things you love doing. Suddenly what seemed achievable falls by the wayside, or that hint of anxiety that was buttoned up creeps back in. Listening to these indivisible warning signs can be challenging; it’s not something we like to tune into. It’s uncomfortable. It’s vulnerable. The most important thing to remember is to not be hard on yourself when these days roll around. Feelings and behaviours of all kinds are natural – and don’t make you less of a human. Yet being in tune with your feelings and emotions makes you more of a human. 

The Process MY Emotions essences help you tune into you’re feelings, and then process them subtly yet powerfully.

These synergistic blends of natural essences will help you to feel more yourself again.