GavernWP allows to access a lot of additional typography elements created with Shortcodes use. The use is very simple thanks to an additional button in a posts editor.

Below, there are all elements available in theme’s typography. Typography elements can be divided into three main groups:

  • typography elements,
  • interactive elements,
  • elements prepared especially for a particular theme.

Warnings / Infos / Notices / Errors

These elements are used for highlighting text fragments together with their importance / type of information by using appropriate colors.

[warning]Warning and error text example using Shortcodes[/warning]

[info]Info text example using Shortcodes[/info]

[notice]Notice text example using Shortcodes[/notice]


Labels are useful for marking the importance of the text fragment or a word given. In the case of longer texts, we recommend to use elements from

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