pro•m•emo Essences Emotions Set


Everything you need to improve your state of mind and optimise your emotional health + wellness.

1 x pro•m•emo Calm essence 20ml
1 x pro•m•emo Harmonise essence 20ml
1 x pro•m•emo Carefree essence 20ml
1 x pro•m•emo Relief essence 20ml
1 x pro•m•emo Love essence 20ml
1 x pro•m•emo Peace essence 20ml

Enjoy feelings or Peace, Calm, Harmony, Carefree, Relief and Love.


A complete emotional wellness kit provides you with an essence for every emotional state on your horizon, for every feeling or blend of emotions. Improve your health and wellness via your emotional frequency and simply enjoy a better state of mind + wellbeing.


The complete kit includes:

pro•m•emo Calm essences 20ml
pro•m•emo Harmonise essences 20ml
pro•m•emo Carefree essences 20ml
pro•m•emo Relief essences 20ml
pro•m•emo Love essences 20ml
pro•m•emo Peace essences 20ml

Packed into an eco-friendly gift box. Perfect as the gift of wellness for yourself or for a loved one.


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