Custom Organic Tea | Apothecary jar


Revitalize your body and restore balance with a customised organic herbal tea or tisane. The perfect gift to express self love or to show that special loved one how unique they are.

Create a full sized jar of organic botanicals to address a specific health condition or general wellbeing with natural therapeutic plant medicines. [500ml jar holds approximately 180-200g of dried plant ingredients]

Your naturopath will tailor the perfect blend for you.

Fill out the questionnaire here, and don’t forget to checkout!

Experience the power of nature with every sip!

Made in Melbourne.


You are the master creator in your world. Let the Jivana naturopath and tea master work alongside you to create something unique for you.

You should create your own customised blend if:

  • You’ve got a unique palate and don’t like the options available on the market
  • You love to create and know what you want
  • You have a specific health concern you would like support with
  • You love gifting people unique and personalised presents
  • You know someone that needs some support in the health department
  • You are extremely conscious about the quality of ingredients that you put in your body

Each ingredient in our tea’s and tisanes are sourced from certified organic farms, ensuring the highest quality and purity. We are committed to providing you with a natural and sustainable product that you can feel good about enjoying or gifting.

Take a step towards holistic well-being for yourself or your loved ones with our Organic Herbal Custom Teas. Embrace the power of nature and rediscover balance, vitality, and harmony in your life.


Fill in the questionnaire or reach out to Gabrielle for in-depth naturopathic & tailored support.

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♥ Choose from Caffeine or Caffeine free options.

Brewing Suggestion: Specific brewing suggestions will be included with your blend

Ingredients: All ingredients will be listed on your label

Quantity: All blends come in a 500ml apothecary jar including approximately and average of 180-200g botanical herbs.



Can I drink herbal teas if I’m taking medication? Yes, you can drink herbal teas if you’re taking medication. Prior to fusing your blend please specify in the questionnaire if currently on any prescribed medication to avoid any herb-drug interactions. Your blender is a qualified naturopath experienced in pharmacological medication and herbal precautions.

Can I drink herbal teas if I’m pregnant? Your master blender is a naturopath with 4 young children, having supported herself with herbal medicine prior, during and postpartum, you may rest assured that only safe herbs will be selected for your blend. Please include if pregnant in the customised tea blend questionnaire and if you have any concerns please reach out directly to or browse the range of safe pregnancy teas available.

What if I have allergies and food sensitivities? Please include this information in your customised tea blend questionnaire. 

Can I drink too much herbal tea? Your customised tea blend includes dried herbs from roots, stems, leaves and flowers, each with their own therapeutic properties, and used as herbal medicine. Too much of even a good thing can have a detrimental effect. As a naturopath, the general rule of thumb is 1 cup for enjoyment purposes, or three cups a day for therapeutic effects. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to for further naturopathic support or to arrange a in-depth & tailored health consultation.



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