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Jivana || life || existence

This is ME – Jivana health + Wellness – Life and existence


My Life: Mama of 3 beautiful and energetic boys and partner to an amazing healer, Chinese medicine doctor, life coach and inventor. One of a kind.

My Passion: Creating natural health and beauty products and watching people improve their health, feel better and regain their ‘self’ with my help.

My love for herbal remedies and naturopathic living began in 2004 when I began to delve into my study of natural health sciences. It came easily to me and kept me on the tip of my toes with a great desire to know more.

Natural medicine worked for me! As a kid I grew up with a weak immune system, constantly suffering from recurrent colds and consistently on antibiotics, as well as suffering from recurrent asthma attacks and frequently ending up in hospital, trembling through terrifying nights inhaling steroids.

The minute I began my degree I began to live and breathe natural medicinal alternative treatments that were available to me… My health improved greatly, I relied on my asthma puffer less frequently and I did not suffer as frequently from infections and when I did, I got on top of them more quickly than I ever had before and without the need for antibiotics, in turn my gut health improved and I had way more energy.

It then became all I knew. My health and wellbeing became my most important passion. I say passion because I enjoy every second working with natural products, remedies, recipes and my clients.

I really knew I was where I was meant to be when I began student clinic, and my clients returned to me with massive improvements and once again finally feeling in control of their health again. I was not a quick fix for them, but someone that would work with them, get them results, teach them and support them on their unique health and wellness journey, either just stage by stage or on an ongoing basis for life. There was always more that I could teach them, just like there was always more for me to learn and pass on about our bodies and the amazing natural healing powers of nature.

Now many years later, I have continued learning amazing natural healing techniques, created beautiful, healthy and natural products, started my own beautiful family and continuously feel so lucky to also have my naturopathic family which I will support forever on this journey of healthy living and existence.

Living a natural life may come easily to you or it may take a massive commitment and motivation to get you to where you want to be.

Come along with me and let me assist you to reach everything you want to gain from your wellness journey. Feel free to contact me at any point…

It is so easy to slip back into bad habits. Junk food is so readily available, super easy and honestly MUCH CHEAPER! It can take effort to pull yourself away from your fave Netflix show and commit to running everyday or going to a yoga or Pilates class. I’ve been there, I know the excuses, I have had to find the motivation myself.

Living a healthy life style is FOREVER || I feel amazing when I’m in it and true to myself. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself when you slip up. I let myself at times and when I do it’s a major push back up the hill to get back on the band wagon, but trust me, once your UP your UP loving a better life and existence.


X0 Gabrielle

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