“We’ve bottled the raw essence of masculinity to bring you a world first – Animus – the quintessential masculine scent that inspires all manly traits”

What are the essential traits of the masculine energy?

Branchment (masculine)

  • Relates to the male basic nature, Animus, and primary nature combined with hereditary history, strongly influences family.
  • Can be formed to strengthen the individual’s coping mechanisms of being able to draw on the family energy.
  • This position is held by the Alpha male (not necessarily the father)
  • Values are energy gathering (food, money), protection, spiritual and life leadership, and dynamic presence.

What are the masculine attributes?

Scholars suggest integrity and equality as masculine values in male-male relationships and virility in male-female relationships.

What are the masculine archetypes?

In mythology and world religions, male archetypes are commonly acknowledged as the legends of ancient heroes and include:

  • The Odyssey
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh and
  • Iliad

These legends preserve masculine values and qualities of the quintessential hero such as respect, courage, wisdom and risk taking.

Cicero wrote “a man’s chief quality is courage”.

  • From a Jungian understanding of analytical psychology, the concept of animus represents the male half of Anima and Animus.
  • In Chinese medicine and philosophy, the concept of yang represents the male half of yin and yang
  • Tiferet is the great Father, the masculine .
  • In Hindu traditions, Shiva is the supreme masculine God and is seen as the destroyer or transformer of the trimurti.
  • In Hinduism, Lingam is masculine and is the universal generative power.

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