Jasmine Perfume Oil 10mL | Organic


Jasmine, also known as the ‘King of the Oils’ has a stunningly sweet fragrance.

Ingredients: jojoba seed oil*, Jasmine essential oil*
(*Certified organic ingredients)



Organic Jasmine perfume oil is diluted with organic Jojoba Seed oil and blended with 100% certified organic ingredients.

Its unique aroma is due to carefully being picked at night when the perfume is the most intense. This makes Jasmine one of the most expensive of all the essential oils. Its perfume is very sensual and relaxing. When applied to the skin it softens and smoothes dry irritated skin and balances the production of sebum. Jasmine is beautiful for all skin types.
Jasmine has been known to be a fantastic hair tonic. Rub a few drops into the scalp after washing.
Jasmine essential oil has been known to strengthen and tone the uterus, particularly when used after childbirth. Jasmine also relieves cramps and muscular spasms during painful periods. Jasmines anxiolytic effects supports the reduction of blood pressure and eases depression.

Directions: Rub a few drops onto pressure points (wrist, temple, back of the neck). You may also use in your diffuser to spread the aroma through your living space. Add 3-4 drops to your bath once your bath is filled.

Avoid: during pregnancy and for young children.
Caution: Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes and ears. Patch test for sensitivities.