Green Gyokuro Premium Organic


Discover the pinnacle of Japanese green tea craftsmanship with Gyokuro, renowned for its savoury umami flavour and abundance of health benefits. Unlike other Japanese green teas like sencha or hojicha, Gyokuro stands out for its elevated levels of theanine, a powerful amino acid known for its nootropic effects, enhancing mood + cognitive function while promoting relaxation throughout the body + maintaining normal sleep. Experience the unmistakable effects of Gyokuro as it rejuvenates both body and mind with every sip.

Contains caffeine.

Made in Australia.

200g | approx 100 cups


Introducing A Legacy of Excellence in the World of Green Tea: Organic Gyokuro from Kyushu

For over 80 years, this Japanese family has dedicated themselves to the art of tea farming, cultivating a tradition of excellence that has made them synonymous with quality and experience. As seasoned tea farmers, they have honed their craft through decades of meticulous research and unwavering dedication to producing the finest organic Gyokuro green tea.

At the heart of their commitment lies a deep respect for nature and a passion for innovation. They have invested years into perfecting their organic cultivation methods, earning the prestigious JAS certification as a testament to their unwavering standards of quality and sustainability.

Central to the exceptional taste and purity of their tea is their proprietary fertilizer, meticulously crafted from natural and organic ingredients. This ensures not only the safety of the tea but also imbues it with a unique flavour profile that sets it apart from the rest.

Rich in minerals, amino acids, and vitamins, this Gyokuro boasts powerful antioxidant properties that promote health and wellness with every sip. As time passes, the flavour of the tea only grows more exquisite, a testament to the care and expertise that goes into every harvest.

Organic Gyokuro cultivation in Japan is a rare and challenging endeavour, fraught with obstacles and setbacks. Yet, through perseverance and dedication, this producer has triumphed where others have faltered, crafting a tea that is truly precious and special.

Nestled in the high hills of Kyushu, this Gyokuro green tea fields are a testament to the bounty of nature and the resilience of the human spirit. I am proud to share with you the authentic taste of Japanese tea, handpicked and nurtured with love from one family, then my family, to yours.

Experience the unparalleled excellence of our organic Gyokuro and discover the true essence of Japanese tea. Join us on a journey of flavour and tradition, where every cup tells a story of dedication, passion, and the timeless beauty of pure organic nature.


Brewing Suggestion: Infuse one teaspoon of Green Gyokuro Tea in a pot/infuser for 2-3 minutes at 75-80 degrees.


Ingredients: Green (Camellia sinensis) leaf

*Certified organic ingredients.


Flavour: Slightly sweet, mineral notes, lightly umami and buttered steamed greens.

Aroma: Mellow, sweet, rich umami flavours, refreshing aroma, vegetal notes accompanied with gentle grassy and marine notes.

Liquor: Light jade coloured infusion.

Origin: Kyushu, Japan


Contains caffeine.

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200g apothecary jar, approx 100 cups


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