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Sweet Marjoram (Origanum marjorana) is traditionally used to strengthen and relax the nerves, benefiting tiredness alternating with nervous tension, stress-related conditions, anxiety or insomnia. It is important not to abuse the sedative properties of marjoram, as it has been known to dull the senses and cause drowsiness. For people who are lonely or suffering grief they find Marjoram comforting, however only use Marjoram sparingly or for short periods, as long-term use may have deadening effects on the emotions & reduce sexual drive.

Ingredients: Biodynamic Flaxseeds, Organic Mustard seeds*, Organic Marjoram* & Sweet Marjoram (Origanum marjorana) Essential oil.

* Certified organic ingredients

Cotton: Red Paisley print
Satin: Hot pink
Elastic: Cream/gold lace

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JIVANA Eye Pillows – Relax. Restore. Revitalise.

Take a moment to unwind and escape the frenetic pace of life with our 100% Handmade Satin & Cotton Eye Masks for eye health, deep sleep and relaxation.

Filled with biodynamic flax & mustard seed, and enveloped in 100%, individually handmade satin and cotton, our Eye Masks will contour perfectly to the shape of your face to block out light and stimulate the production of melatonin.

Filled with organic ingredients, to ensure you are only inhaling and absorbing quality ingredients.

Contact Jivana for a personalised request.

Jivana eye masks come packaged in a clear gift box. Fabulous for the natural lifestylers.

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