Equalise Tea Organic


Naturopathically formulated, herbal, relaxing harmonising tea containing adaptogenic herbs that comfort and assist when in need of adapting to life stress. Rich in iron to support energy and endurance. Certified organic ingredients + loose leaf.

Glass apothecary jars can now be refilled via our refillable pouches


Naturopathically formulated herbal balancing & speciality adaptogenic tea is a healthy, restorative blend, ideal for people looking to sustain an adaptive response and minimise some of the systemic effects of the stress experienced with prolonged emotional upset. Use this blend before you enter into a stressful situation so that you may better cope with what is ahead or if you are already under emotional stress, use this blend to improve your ability to deal with the situation and find your emotional harmony.

Brewing Suggestion: Infuse one teaspoon of Equalise Tea in a pot/infuser for 8-12 minutes.
Sip & relax.

Ingredients: Siberian ginseng* (Eleutherococcus senticosus) root, rhodiola* (Rhodiola rosea) root, withania* (Withania somnifera) root, brahmi* (Bacopa monniera) leaf, schisandra* (Schisandra chinensis) berries
* certified organic ingredients.


Origin: China, India + Sri Lanka


♥ Caffeine free.

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35g apothecary jar, 35g travel jar, 120g apothecary jar, 180g apothecary jar


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