Care Tea


Be calm mama, our gentle blend of zen herbs are safe for you and bub to ease your nervous system as the demands on your body + mind increase.

♥ Caffeine free


The organic Care Tea blend is a safe and gentle anxiety relief blend that’s safe during pregnancy. It’s often difficult to find a natural alternative during pregnancy for the common anxious sensations expectant mothers experience. This blend was created by our naturopath during her pregnancy to soothe tense and frazzled nerves whilst caring for her growing family. This blend contains calming and mood enhancing herbs as well as lemon Balm which is beneficial to prevent thyroiditis, which is commonly experienced for mums postnatally.

Brewing Suggestion: Infuse one teaspoon of Care Tea in a pot/infuser for 8-12 minutes.
Sip & relax. Add honey or lemon to taste.

Ingredients: Oats straw* (Avena sativa) aerials, brahmi* (Bacopa monnieri) whole plant + leaf, chamomile* (Matricaria recutita) flowers, vervain (Verbena officinalis) aerials, lemon balm* (Melissa officinalis) aerials and rose* (Rosa centifolia) petals.

*Certified organic ingredients.

This blend is safe whilst pregnant & during breastfeeding.


Origin: Egypt + India.


Some Herbal benefits:

OATSTRAW // a therapeutic nervine tonic, sedative and mood lifter packed with nutrients; calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese, vitamins A, B-complex, C, E and K, and amino acids.

LEMON BALM // comforting for mood and calming the nerves with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

CHAMOMILE // assists relaxation and sleep with sedative, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant qualities.

BRAHMI // this brain tonic has adaptogenic actions benefiting memory and cognitive function during periods of chronic stress and emotional upset.

VERVAIN // a mucilagenous nervine tonic and sedative beneficial for anxiety and depression.

ROSE // rich in Vitamin C, polyphenols, vitamin A and other antioxidants, beneficial for menstrual cramps, blood flow and digestive pain too.

Made in Australia.

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20g travel jar, 60g apothecary jar, 90g apothecary jar


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