About Rhett Ogston

When our Master Blender – Rhett Ogston – created the Anima and Animus perfumes, he created, blended and then bottled two very distinct scents that uniquely capture all of the opposing yet complementary forces and qualities that are inherently masculine and feminine.

Rhett is a leading creator of the Jivana range of health and perfumery products and a successful Holistic Life Coach and Mentor. His vision is for Jivana to be recognised as a world leader and innovator in health and perfumery, and a multimodality health clinic for the provision of all natural and organic products known for their genuine efficacy and integrity.
Rhett’s incredible depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise genuinely serves to position him as a leading and trusted Holistic Life Coach and Mentor, as reflected in the extraordinary success he has achieved with FlameTree: the personal development and healing system that he first taught in 2009, and in several books he has authored, including: Aloer – the money tree (a best selling childrens book) and The Eternal Worrier’s/Warrior’s Smile (TEWS). Of course, Rhett’s creation and development of the new and beautiful range of Jivana products is possibly his proudest achievement yet.
By way of background, Rhett’s outstanding career achievements in the health and wellness industry started when he embarked on a life-long learning journey to dig deep roots in both Chinese and Western medicine practices. He qualified with two Australian Bachelor degrees in Applied Science – one in Human Biology and the other in Chinese Medicine and a third Bachelor degree in Science with Honours (B,Sc. Honours) from Melbourne University, which paved the way for his incredible internships at China’s First Affiliated Hospital and Jiangsu Provincial Hospital. These experiences resulted in his qualification as a genuine Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Rhett owned and operated two successful clinic’s as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine in the Australian states of Victoria and Queensland. In subsequent years, Rhett continued his journey to build solid foundations in knowledge and practice by qualifying with advanced diplomas in Health Sciences in Massage, Counselling and Aromatherapy, as well as numerous energy healing modalities such as Breakthrough, Animal Talk, BodyTalk and Rei-ki, all of which helped to lay the foundation for Rhett to create his unique works, such as Anima, Animus and Unity, so that Jivana has the privilege of introducing you to them now.