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3 Daily Naturopathic Essentials for Health

Three natural essentials for health

3 Easy Lifestyle Tips for Daily Health

Life with 3 little boys is unimaginably hectic (you will relate if you also have 3 little boys…) Even just having one child can be equally as hectic, as these little miracles require your constant and undivided attention. Being ‘mama’ means putting the little ones before yourself, no matter how many you have. Whilst I would not change a thing about this scenario, having time for myself is at an all time low and I can get quite worn out. I find myself at times in conflict with myself, understanding what it takes to absolutely, completely take care of myself, desiring this time for myself, but not wanting to miss out on any time with them. It’s so important that even though life is so busy, looking after my health and the family’s health, regardless of time, is priority.

Life as a naturopath means I have so many different remedies and techniques available. That knowledge I get to use everyday to keep myself strong and available for my family, as well as to assist me to nourish myself back to health when I get worn down. The time factor is just an illusion, I cannot get it back, and I can never catch up. I take it day to day, I continuously entwine my naturopathic training into our daily routines to help my family and myself the best I can, now hopefully this post can help keep you healthy too and make a little impact.

Honestly, I don’t have time for juices and smoothies everyday, I can’t shop for organic fresh vegetables everyday, I can’t get an hour of yoga or Pilates in everyday and I can’t read a book and relax for an hour everyday. There is just not enough time in the day to be honest with you. So this is how I get through, and make sure I ‘do’ something for my health daily. Firstly, good quality sleep is my no.1 priority; sometimes unachievable with the 3 little bears (boys). Using natural and healthy products – totally achievable, so I can reduce the toxic burden on my body and allow my body to heal and regenerate effectively, instead of having to work overtime detoxifying my systems. And thirdly, doing something everyday that will strengthen and support my immune system, so my defenses are ready when they need to be.


Get Sleep || Getting adequate rest is difficult. Aiming for 8 hours sleep a night is an ideal of the past. Yes, I recommend to my clients to get 8 hours sleep a night to keep their health optimum, but lets be reasonable as well. I would not insist 8 hours sleep on a client who has 3 children; a baby, a toddler and a pre-schooler, 8 hours would be a tease! So… what can we do?

  • Make sure the sleep that you ARE having is good quality sleep.
  • Avoid multivitamins or vitamins containing the B group vitamins after lunchtime. B vitamins stimulate the nervous system and are fabulous for energy, but not for restful sleep.
  • Avoid other stimulants before bed to make sure you fall asleep easily; no coffee, tea, chocolate, TV, work, or iPhone.
  • Use your kids evening routine to help you wind down as well, relax with them during story time, get some lavender burning to relax everyones nerves and get everyone to bed as early as possible. Avoid kiddies becoming overtired – as it will be harder for them to fall asleep.
  • Try get to bed at the same time every evening.
  • Do not eat before bed. Do not drink lots of liquid before sleep time so that you are not woken during the night to have to dash to the bathroom.
  • Make sure you keep the kids as healthy as they can be, and in a good sleep routine so that they sleep through the night!! More sleep for you! This can come with its own challenges and generally speaking there is no one easy fix.
  • Use a organic, herbal and aromatherapy eye mask to relax your senses and nervous system.
  • Avoid bright (blue) light in the evening, warm lights with red tones are ideal.
  • Make sure you’re not feeling emotional before bed. Deal with any anger, worry or frustration before going to bed, so that it does not keep you awake. I have some great techniques and products that I use (UEFT, natural elixirs, organic essential oils).


Use Natural Products || Making sure your body is not burdened with unnecessary toxic chemicals! I always get teased that I have too many things in the bathroom. I definitely have a love for using great healthy products. There have been times when I have been sucked into marketing ploys, convincing myself that these mainstream shelf products are not that bad, but when push came to shove, to actually pick up the product and use it, I couldn’t. There are so many beautiful and clean, non toxic options that really work.

Products I completely avoid:

  • Aluminium deodorants
  • SLS based body washes
  • Mainstream candles
  • Fragranced body moisturisers and hand creams
  • Harsh laundry detergents


Support Immunity || Getting sick is sometimes inevitable with 3 little boys and its impossible to not share around all their lovely germs from daycare and kinder. I feel like we have more or less gone through every childhood illness already. As I also suffered respiratory issues during my childhood its really important that I do something to support my immune system everyday.

  • Have a really nourishing and healthy breakfast in the morning.
  • Organic fruit and vegetables as much as possible.
  • A good multi vitamin || taken with food due to containing essential Zinc for immune support. Get your zinc levels checked by your health practitioner.
  • Get out of the house into the fresh air as much as possible (the boys love a walk around the block before wind down time).
  • Skin brushing before morning shower to enhance lymph circulation.
  • Drink filtered water.
  • Drink herbal therapeutic teas || Echinacea & Elderberry Pukka tea.
  • Nutritional broths || Beef bone broth || Chicken Broth || Vegetable Broth, they provide stacks of vitamins and minerals to support your immune system and are very readily available for the body (nutrition that is easily absorbed and utilized by the body).
  • Organic Green smoothies every other day (I don’t drink smoothies every day and I don’t eat kale every day by the way). Its really important to make sure you don’t have too much of even the healthy stuff, all the time, just because its healthy. Some raw greens can act as goitrogens, which mean they block thyroid hormones when consumed in high amounts. This is counter productive when you’re on the health train!

These are some of the little habits that I try and integrate into my lifestyle daily, no matter how tired or busy. They require little thought and are  simple and quick additions that you can utilise to support your health. Do all, do some, feel the difference for yourself when you choose to live a healthy life, naturally.

If you want to know more about anything I have touched on or want any specific recommendations, comment below or send me a message.

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